Financial Services Guide

A Financial Services Guide (FSG) is designed to inform you (the client) of your rights, entitlements, and details of the Financial Services we can provide. It is part of our regulatory process to help ensure that you (the client) are fully aware of your undertakings with a financial advice provider.

We have an obligation to fully inform you (the client) of your rights, entitlements and details the services we provide. Our Financial Services Guide (FSG) is provided by our Licensee and provides detailed information about who your Adviser is and what financial services and/or products they are licensed to provide advice around.

Our FSG also provides a basic understanding about our relationship with our Licensee, contact information for our Licensee and how Ezi Advice Solutions and our Licensee are remunerated. It also includes information on what to do in the event of a complaint and is designed to assist you in your research before deciding whether to use any of the services outlined.

If you are an existing client of ours, you have already received one and in many cases more than one. Each time a change is required to be made, our Licensee will update our current version and we are obligated to send you (the client) the latest version so you (the client) are always up to date with the latest changes in our firm and / or industry. Changes that can occur in the FSG are usually relating to new Advisers that join our team or updates on services we can offer.