Personal Insurance

The Right Path for Your Protection

Financial security and protecting your family should be a given, but sadly, they aren’t.

Personal insurance is the protection you need but hope you never have to use. If something were to happen to you or your family, you would want to ensure they were financially taken care of.

The financial industry has made the process of understanding personal insurance confusing. This leads to many to be either underinsured or worse hold no coverage at all.

Our mission is to ensure that every Australian has adequate insurance cover to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Having the protection, you need for your family now, allows to you to focus on living your life without stress or worry.

Ezi Advice Solutions offers four primary personal insurances. Our financial planners can provide advice on the best options for your situation.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

If your family has bills and expenses that require your income to be paid then you should consider life insurance. Life insurance is the plan to future proof your family’s financial security should something happen to you. After your passing, a lump sum is generally paid to the beneficiaries (who you nominate), most often your partner and/or children.
Your planner will help you consider your current financial situation, future plans and unexpected future expenses to find the appropriate amount of cover for you.

Income Insurance

Income Protection

If your income is used to keep the lights on, put food on the table or any other expenses, then you should consider income protection. Injury or illness can affect anyone, regardless of your income, job or age. If something happens, your income protection insurance, could pay a fixed amount to cover lost income for a set timeframe.
Income protection is ideal for breadwinners, self-employed, contractors, professionals or anyone who needs their income to assist with the family bills

Trauma Insurance

Trauma Insurance

Cancer, Stroke & Heart Disease are terrible and hopefully something you never have to deal with. But if it did happen, it would be nice to know that your family are protected.
This is what Trauma Insurance can help with. It’s designed to help you and your family cope with the financial pressures that severe illness or disease brings.

Total Permanant Disabality

Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD)

If you suffer an illness or injury that leaves you with a total and permanent disability, then TPD insurance can help with the financial burden this brings on you and your family. If you are unable to continue work, then a TPD insurance policy enables you to protect your family. The insurance payout assists with medical expenses, lifestyle adjustments and everyday living expenses.


Insurance is as individual as you are and the right cover for you is different from everyone else. Your Ezi Advice Solutions planner can recommend solutions based on your specific situation to ensure you are following the right plan today to protect your family now and in the future.


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