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Are you following the right path?

Following the right path today could mean more money in your future.

We spend our lives working hard and our golden years should be for relaxing, not stressing about how we are going to pay for things and look after our loved ones.
Financial security should be a given, but sadly it’s not. Unfortunately, superannuation and insurance are sold as complex and for the well to do.
This isn’t the case and we are on a mission to ensure that every Australian (including you) is able to build wealth and protect their family’s future.
Honesty, openness and clear communication guides our business and we would love to help you.

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We know that building wealth and creating financial security through superannuation and personal insurances is possible when you are following the right path. The industry standard is a ‘set and forget’, but we aren’t like the industry standard. We are 100% proactive in how we deal with our clients and their financial future. We help you follow the right path – the one that protects you and your family.

Australian Owned

Aussie Owned

We are an Australian owned and operated business. We are not associated with any of the large banks or financial institutions and this allows us to provide you with tailored advice and not push products.

Jeneve Matai

Janeve Matai - Head Adviser

Head Adviser

Jeneve Matai is an accomplished Financial Planner and Senior Financial Strategist with over 10 years’ experience in the Financial Services Sector. He is a member of the Compliance, Investment and Planning committee. Jeneve served as The Financial Planning Manager under numerous Australian Financial Services Licences and is currently the Head of Financial Planning at Ezi Advice Solutions.

His grasp of modern financial planning practices combined with his values towards compliance and staff is what makes Jeneve a highly successful Financial Planning Manager. He is inspired by seeing clients achieve their goals and by assisting Advisers reach their maximum potential to provide simple but effective advice.

In his personal time Jeneve enjoys spending time with his wife and two French Bulldogs (Ava & Frankie). He has a passion for spending quality time on the water flicking lures searching for that one special flathead.

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What do people say?

“I just like to say that your employees and everyone I have spoken to at this company have gone above and beyond to make sure they have my best interest is their best interest that I'm not just a number and their easy to talk to and willingness to help and make me feel important,their absolute certainty that I understand what I'm given advice on is unlike any company I've ever spoken to about anything before I commend the relaxed attitude to which you conduct business phone calls are a pleasure never leaving me feeling like I've just been told and on your way there is a lot of companies out there that could learn PR skills of your team to make the world a better place two thumbs up from me”


What do people say?

“We could not thank Ezi Advice Solutions enough for all their guidance, support and assistance. We each had multiple super funds that we never paid attention to throughout our working careers. They sorted out our super and personal insurance and kept us regularly updated throughout the whole process. We highly recommend the services of Ezi Advice Solutions. Thanks again.”


What do people say?

“Very thankful I got the call from Ezi Advice Solutions. Being someone who just left my Super where it was and assumed it would all be ‘ok’, they helped me through the process to make it work better for me. All the staff I spoke with were friendly and knowledgeable. The small fee was worth every cent. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to keep up to date with what’s happening in the Superannuation world.”


What do people say?

“I'd like to add and give a shout out to Peter Leikas, the financial adviser I dealt with in this process. I was very impressed with his patience and responses to many questions. He was able to put me at ease and assure me that this advice was in my best interests. He actively listened to my concerns and this is one of the reasons I chose to sign the SoA today. I hope Peter and the EZI Advice Solutions prove that I made the right decision in entrusting my Super with them and I look forward to working with Peter and the team to action ASAP all that was discussed today”


What do people say?

“Not being a highly educated man my understanding of superannuation was very limited as to how it all worked. All I knew was that I went to work and the company paid into a super fund under my name. I hoped that the super fund that I was with was looking after my money and making it grow ready for my retirement. How very wrong and naive was I and yes I probably should have been keeping a closer eye on it but when you don’t understand how things work you leave it to those that do. Things changed for me when my wife got into Netwealth and her financial advisor Paul wanted to have a chat with me. He did a health check so to speak on my super and I was shocked to find out that 85% of my super was not growing as fast as it should have been or could have been. As he told me this I was shocked and scared at the same time as I was looking at retirement in the not to distant future. Now that was all up in the air and I would need to rethink retirement. This was when I made the decision to switch over to Netwealth with Paul as my advisor. With only a few years to go till retirement I hope that something could be done to help me in that time. I have since retired and couldn’t be happier with how things have turned out. I didn’t retire with the amount of money that I should have but at least I did retire with a better super then I expected to. And this is all thanks to Paul and his team”